Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide

Whether you choose the a top notch riding lawn mower or want to choose between the many good walk behind push mowers or any other type of lawnmower, from time to time you will have to do some upkeep on your mower. The regular maintenance which will be needed by the lawnmower will also be dependent on the type. It can change from one lawnmower type to another.

Hence, you need to opt for proper maintenance according to the type of the lawnmower.

Reel mower maintenance:

lawn mower fixingWhen you’re using reel lawnmower, even though you have opted for one of the new types of eco-friendly mowers, but it still requires maintenance from time to time.

The 1st thing which you have to look into is the sharpening of the blades. You have to continuously work on the sharpening of the blades.

Only when that is the case, you can be sure that the grass will be cut at the height which you want. This will also provide uniformity to the entire lawn. Secondly, you have to always lubricate the wheel assembly of the lawnmower.

This will ensure that you are able to move around the lawnmower quite easily. These 2 basic steps should always be followed in order to maintain the real lawnmower.

Walk-behind mower maintenance:

Similarly, when you are opting for a walk behind the lawnmower, the type of maintenance which really is needed will be different. You have to always check the spark plug every hundred hours. You have to look for signs of wear and tear.

If there is a large amount of wear and tear, you should think about replacing the spark plug.

You have to always change the oil of your lawnmower every 50 hours. It ensures that lawnmower is always operating at the optimum efficiency levels.

You have to look at the cleaning of the filter as well.

After every one hundred hours of usage, you have to clean the filter. These are a few steps which ensure that you are able to use the lawnmower with utmost efficiency always.

Riding mower maintenance:

The 1st step which you have to undertake when you are opting for the riding lawnmower maintenance is to disconnect the spark plug.

riding mower maintenanceThereafter, you have to look at the fixtures of the riding lawnmower. You have to tighten any fixtures which are loose.

Similarly, you have to check the tires for any kind of deflation as well. You have to also clean of the back of the lawnmower to ensure that it is able to cut the grass properly.

You have to check the fuel levels as well as the oil levels in the lawnmower.

When you perform these few steps before each and every use of the lawnmower, it will become easier for you to always keep the lawnmower in perfect condition.

On the other hand, if you’re choosing a different lawnmower like a robot mower, the maintenance will be on the lower side. However, it is very difficult to conduct the maintenance by yourself when you’re speaking about the robotic lawnmower.

Each and every type of lawnmower requires maintenance. You have to look at the type of the lawnmower and thereafter take a call on the maintenance of the lawnmower.

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